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Posted 4/21/2010.

Atlantica Online is perhaps one of the best kept secrets of MMO's. Ndoors created an ingenious fantasy earth, which provides everyone with a familiar sense of reality. Whether your guild owns New York, or you're walking across the Great Wall, you will be immersed in the post-apocalyptic world. As descendants of the volatile and destructive Atlantis, we are the only ones who can find it, and bring an end to the madness!

The game play is different because you control up to 9 characters, and partying with other players is not only encouraged, but at times demanded! Of course, Ndoors thought of the lone-wolves as well. You are able to bewitch monsters to fight as companions as well!

However, community is strongly encouraged in AO. Players are asked by quests to join guilds. Without a guild, AO becomes a very lonely and boring place... Armed with your guildmates, you can rush through dungeons, and aspire to complete higher level dungeons together.

If you are interested in playing an intriguing and fascinating game, check out Atlantica Online! Don't discard it as another crappy FTP game... It's so much more, and where else can you see the Great Wall, Stonehenge, and search for Atlantis all in one day?!

P.S. >>> If you're ever in Delphi, and need a helping hand, look me up!

~Wynter <3

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